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Hoof Care

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Equimins Biotin 15

Equimins Biotin 15A supplement for healthy hoof growth, and to improve the condition of coat and ski..

£9.99 Ex Tax: £9.99

Equimins Biotin Plus 25

Equimins Biotin Plus 25With higher levels of Zinc - A supplement for healthy hoof growth, and to imp..

£15.95 Ex Tax: £15.95

Farriers Formula

Farrier's Formula® 5KG Supplied in 5kg Tubs or Refill Packs De..

£36.50 Ex Tax: £36.50

Freestep 250g

Freestep 250gComforter to assist joints, muscles and feet. Great for Veteran horses. Suitable for ..

£30.00 Ex Tax: £30.00

Freestep C.S.H 1kg

Freestep C.S.H 1kgSuitable for horses on a restricted diet. Great for Veteran horses. ‘Complementar..

£96.95 Ex Tax: £96.95

Freestep LamAlert C.S.H 145g

Freestep LamAlert C.S.H 145gLAMALERT C.S.H assist ponies and horses in retaining  natural hormo..

£19.00 Ex Tax: £19.00

Gold Label Biotin Plus

Gold Label Biotin PlusBiotin, zinc and amino acid methionine combine to maintain the existing 15mg..

£14.00 Ex Tax: £14.00

Lincoln Biotin Hoof Care Supplement for Horses

Lincoln Biotin Hoof Care Supplement for HorsesDaily hoof boost for horses..

£14.99 Ex Tax: £14.99

NAF Biotin Plus

NAF Biotin PlusBiotin Plus contains methionine, MSM, zinc and calcium to maintain healthy hooves. R..

£14.50 Ex Tax: £14.50

NAF Pro Feet Powder

NAF Pro Feet PowderPROFEET supplements are unique in that they not only provide nutrients to direc..

£32.00 Ex Tax: £32.00

Equus Health Biotin Extra

Equus Health Biotin ExtraSupports hoof growth
. Contains a good supply of zinc and methionine..

£9.99 Ex Tax: £9.99

Global Herbs Laminitis Prone Supplement

Global Herbs Lamipro LiquidProactively feeding the right supplemental herbs to give the horse what ..

£17.45 Ex Tax: £17.45

Equi Life Formula4 Feet

Equi Life Formula4 Feet The leading UK hoof and laminitis supplement. Developed at the Laminitis ..

£35.00 Ex Tax: £35.00

Lincoln Limestone Powder

Limestone Powder A valuable source of the important mineral calcium. Essential for development an..

£9.30 Ex Tax: £9.30

Global Herbs Rebuilder

Global Herbs RebuilderSupports regrowth of laminae and other areas of the body This traditional f..

£26.00 Ex Tax: £26.00

Kevin Bacon's Hoof Formula

Kevin Bacon's Hoof FormulaA highly digestible, nutritional supplement scientifically formulated to ..

£46.50 Ex Tax: £46.50

Lincoln Seaweed/Biotin

Lincoln Seaweed/Biotin A natural source of a wide range of macro and micro nutrients, vitamins an..

£17.00 Ex Tax: £17.00

Equimins Hoof Mender 75 Supplement Powder

Equimins Hoof Mender 75 Supplement PowderA comprehensive supplement for distressed hooves. Deliver..

£29.95 Ex Tax: £29.95

Equimins Laminator Supplement Powder

Equimins Laminator Supplement PowderAn equine supplement for the nutritional support of hoof health ..

£31.45 Ex Tax: £31.45