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Saracen Essential Balancer

ESSENTIAL BALANCER Low-intake feed balancer SUITABLE FOR All horses and ponies req..

£27.99 Ex Tax: £27.99

Allen & Page L Mix

Allen and Page 'L' Mix For Those Prone To Laminitis • Low Starch, low..

£11.75 Ex Tax: £11.75

NAF Slim Pellets

NAF Slim Pellets..

£28.50 Ex Tax: £28.50

Pure Feed Company Fibre Balancer

Pure Feed Company Fibre BalancerPure Fibre Balance is packed with fibre and a more concentrated rati..

£18.50 Ex Tax: £18.50

Rowen Barbary Soft N Soak Readyfibre Mash (Green)

Rowen Barbary Soft N Soak Readyfibre Mash (Green)Key Features High fibre, l..

£12.50 Ex Tax: £12.50

Saracen Shape Up Balancer Mix

LOW CALORIE FEED BALANCER (MIX) SUITABLE FOR Horses and ponies that are overweight "Good-do..

£19.50 Ex Tax: £19.50

TopSpec TopChop Lite

TopSpec TopChop Lite TopChop Lite is a natural product made from alfalfa, oat straw, a light dres..

£11.50 Ex Tax: £11.50

Allen & Page Fast Fibre

Allen and Page Fast Fibre     The Quick Soak Fibre..

£10.30 Ex Tax: £10.30

Dengie Alfa A Molasses Free

Alfa-A Molasses Free Alfa-A Molasses Free is the perfect pure alfalfa fibre feed for fuellin..

£15.29 Ex Tax: £15.29

Topspec Topchop Zero

Topspec Topchop Zero New TopChop Zero is a natural product made fro..

£8.50 Ex Tax: £8.50

Dengie Alfa A Lite

Alfa-A Lite ALFA-A LITE is a low starch fibre feed for working horses and ponies, made..

£13.99 Ex Tax: £13.99

Dengie Hi Fi Lite

Dengie Hi-Fi Lite Hi-Fi LITE is the perfect low-calorie, high-fibre maintenance feed f..

£12.99 Ex Tax: £12.99

Dengie Hi Fi Original

Dengie Hi-Fi Original Hi-Fi ORIGINAL is the original high-fibre mainenance feed for le..

£12.55 Ex Tax: £12.55

TopSpec FibrePlus Cubes

TopSpec FibrePlus CubesTopSpec Fibre Cubes should be thought of as exceptionally high quality high f..

£10.50 Ex Tax: £10.50

Baileys Lite Chaff

Light Chaff   KEY FEATURES UK grown, no added sugar or molasses ..

£9.70 Ex Tax: £9.70

Dengie Good Do-er

Hi-Fi Good Do-er Hi-Fi GOOD DO-ER is a high-fibre maintenance feed for leisure horses ..

£13.75 Ex Tax: £13.75

TopSpec Lite Feed Balancer

TopSpec Lite Feed BalancerTopSpec Lite Feed Balancer is designed for horses and ponies that are good..

£19.95 Ex Tax: £19.95